Join us May 4-6, 2018 at Harvey Cedars

“Sing a new song!” 

The call is sprinkled throughout the psalms to express the joy of new blessings received from God’s hand. Those blessings include God’s protection, his provision, and his presence in good times and bad. God welcomes the honest outpouring of his people’s hearts. Joy, sorrow, anger, fear, perplexity, discouragement, and longing—the entire spectrum of human emotions is reflected in the psalms, and each psalm reveals something amazing about God himself.

In Psalm 51 we learn how God’s grace meets us when we sin, and in Psalm 73 we learn the secret of contentment. Psalm 139 exposes us to God’s sovereign oversight of our lives and why trusting him is the key to life.

Join us for a weekend digging in to God’s word together and growing in community!