Women’s Weekend Testimonials

What do you enjoy about the Women’s Weekend, why is attending a priority for you, or how have you been blessed by being there?

“I always make a new friend!”

“For me it has been a time to check out of the busy schedule of life and refocus on Jesus. Also it is good for me to spend time with friends and get more acquainted with new friends.”

“One of the things that always surprises me about the women’s retreat is the personal blessing that comes from this large group activity. It always takes a lot of effort to disconnect from life in order to go, and this is clearly Satan’s tool. But once I am in this highly reflective place, I always come away with something new to rejoice about or something new to chew on. I especially love all the female voices in worship and how easily this worship takes me to an undistracted place.”

“The Women’s Retreat has been a place of connection, spiritual refreshment, and relaxation for me. I’ve been happily surprised by how many meaningful conversations and fun moments I’ve had there. Though, after so many great retreats, I guess these things shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.”

“The WBS weekend is a great time of refreshment, spiritually and socially. I have gained and strengthened relationships there. Not the least of which is with Jesus.”

“I love spending time with and getting to know women I don’t normally have an opportunity to talk to.”

“It’s great to laugh, pray, and worship with my New Life sisters!”

“I love being able to sit and talk with friends for extended periods of time, going for walks on the beach, taking time to talk to God.”

“Always a pleasant surprise and blessings abound.”

“Fresh air, sand between my toes, sisters in Christ, singing with gusto, time apart from routine, meeting Christ through his word, playing, laughing, learning. Lots to do…or not if you just want to rest and relax.”

“The worship at the women’s retreat is always amazing, the speaker is excellent and it’s great to fellowship with women I already know and meet new ones, too!  One of my favorite things to do is bike to the lighthouse – it’s so beautiful!”

“I do love going to Harvey Cedars….There is something so sweet about those experiences and the memories.  And that does include the conference center.  It has grown and changed over the years in so many ways.  It keeps getting better.”

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